Why most beautiful girls are single – Juliet Ibrahim

By Ayo Onikoyi

If there’s anyone who should know what love lives of beautiful women are like, Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim not only qualifies, she has been there and done almost everything in the book. She must have broken a few hearts just as she must have had her own broken a few times too. So, when she talks about love, as she does so often these days, people listen.
Juliet In her recent post, she gave her opinion on why most beautiful girls are single. It wasn’t a long epistle, or literature but simple clip statement of fact which many of her fans and followers concurred with but not without some digs at her.
“Beautiful girls are mostly single because no one ever believes they’re actually single.” she had posted and many of her fans joined the drive and gave their own varying opinions too. A follower who answers Yassina says it’s true but added that most beautiful women are not approachable. @dewuabernardllordexking replied her thus “The beautiful ones are actually married, the single women may only have the good looks but not the beauty of the heart and men really want the beautiful hearts,” probably taking a dig at the actress. @Kay.dija said she has been facing the same thing. She said, “I’m also facing the same thing. Just because I’m beautiful and sexy men get scared of me. Beautiful women, we are faced with insecurity and doubts.” A follower known as Seyifunmi has other ideas as he says, “You can have me as your guy @julietibrahim cus am still single like you.” Of course no reason was given by the actress why she made the statement. What is clear is that since her breakup with singer, Iceberg Slim, no man has been spotted on her radar and many may be right to imagine the actress is not getting as many suitors as she would like.

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