I have been dumped many times by men – Yvonne Okoro

By Ayo Onikoyi Ghanaian actress of Nigerian descent, Yvone Okoro is a looker who should have her pick of any man she desires but the opposite seems to be the case.

Yvone Okoro Her many romances never escaped the prying eyes of the media but they soon disappeared just as soon as they surfaced. So, it wasn’t really a huge surprise when the “Single and Searching” actress came clean on a TV show (McBrown’s Kitche with Nana Ama McBrown) that she has been dumped by many lovers in the past. Yvonne admitted being in a relationship, but said she had learnt the hard way to keep her relationships off the social media as it has been her Hercules’ heel in the past. So, she kept mum on her current relationship and wouldn’t reveal the identity of the man rocking her boat presently.
Speaking further on the show, the actress bemoaned woes of women who have dated several men and the stigma the society places on them while their male counterparts roam free. “Women are called different names when they engage in different relationships but when a man does same, he is called a champion. Society does not see anything wrong with a man who has gone into many affairs. So, I am zipping my mouth now,” she quipped. Of course, the ‘Kiss and Tell’ top act has never stayed too far away from controversies and rumours of her multiple love affairs have been a feast which the media devour with intense voraciousness. Not too long ago, she was rumoured to be altar-bound with her Nigerian billionaire lover but it never happened. Some of the men reported to have dated the beautiful Ghanaian actress of Nigerian father include Togolese footballer, Emmanuel Adebayo, Ghanaian footballers, Stephen Appiah and Asamoah Gyan, Ghanaian musician, Criss Waddle and many others. Rumours or real, the actress doesn’t shy away from controversies. According to her, “Rumours are bound to happen since you are in the public eye.”

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